Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day Twenty seven - A Day in the Life of Poppy

My life in finger puppets. Now with added accessories!

Poppy Trivia: I made James finger kiss Leia finger. Bwa ha ha.

First person I am likely to see is this chap zooming past me on his bike. This is Jon, my next door neighbour and work colleague. His accessory is Jacc, the cat, but to clarify, he usually isn't holding Jacc when he passes me on his bike. Being only 3mm big and made of felt I haven't been able to do them justice, but I should explain that this whole finger is actually a homage to Jon's crazy metal shoes.

This is James, Keeper of the Copyrights emeritus. He is holding an artichoke. Best not to ask. Generally we spend the day arguing on diverse subjects, including but not limited to the following:  whether by multiplying a number by 0 you are slowly eroding away the existence of that number in the abstract; whether Mariah Carey is cleverer than Einstein; whether it is a basic human right for a person to be able to get another person to clean their ears at a moment's notice; whether it is quite proper for cousin Mary to marry Matthew. I hope it is obvious where I came down on most of those discussions.

Sorry to pick on Rob again so soon after forcing cake on him, but of all the barmen I know he is by far the most caricaturable. Yes, he is wearing a NMA tshirt, has his khakis and boots on, and he is holding a guitar. But I think it is the fluffy hair that makes him recognisable.


Say hello to Mike and Steve. It is fair to say that there is a good chance, in an average day I will see them. I'm quite proud of Mike's dreads. I tried to count how many he has in real life to make it as accurate as possible, but he kept moving. Steve is on the wine for a while and is wearing his red cravat under the Barber jacket. I resisted the urge to give him teeth!

Steve's hair is fluffier than I would have liked.

Bonus finger!
Remember Salad fingers? He came about because I was going to make Star Wars fingers, but then changed my mind. I planned to make Salad Finger's finger puppets (you smell like soot and poo Hubert Cumberdale) but then I realised I'd positioned his fingers in a pointing pose rather than a talking to fingers one. So, from there I decided I had to make finger puppets for a different day, and unique ones at that. Anyway, here - to come full circle - is the Leia I made. She is pretty rudimentary in comparison.

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