Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day Fifteen - A Tardis Card

To celebrate getting half way through the month, a poorly executed stroke of genius - a card that has more rooms on the inside than it should.

An important point. The concept of the card having lots of rooms is not my idea, but something a lot of people have done on the internet, such as here. But, as far as I can see no one has actually put Doctor Who pictures in them, just coloured the rooms different colours. Secondly, I said before that I can't draw and I really can't - only copy. So, the doctors in this are copied from caricatures I got from the internet. At the moment, I can't find the sources, but when I do, I will link to them. I know that is a bit naughty, but I am sure they won't mind considering the small audience I have.
What *is* mine, is the drawing of the tardis in the final room (wish I could have had all the doctors in there shouting surprise! but that is beyond me) the marrying of the two ideas, and the text that goes with the pictures. So, a video to prove all rooms are in one tardis and then close ups of each of the rooms.

Poppy Trivia: I clearly don't understand the concept of colouring. Someone with some artistic ability should run with this idea.

 Door slightly ajar, as though welcoming you in (or badly cut)

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