Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Thirty one - Macaroni penguin hat

Last week someone asked me to make a 'silly' penguin hat for them. So, my immediate thought was of those shaman headdresses, with the animal pelt down the back and the coyote skull resplendent above the forehead. I really wanted to do a penguin version of that. I'll admit, I spent quite a bit of time imagining what a penguin would look like skinned (as an aside, I can't believe no one makes penguin-skin rugs, not even with fake penguins).

I'm afraid the hat came off less shaman, and more novelty headwear from the gift shop at Penguin World. Have a look at what I mean.

 Looking at the underside of the skinned penguin..

 This is a hat that just screams nonchalence.

A side view, sort of. I did consider doing a panoramic video like with the murloc hat, but wasn't sure the internet would be able to handle more than one dose of such photogenic awesomeness.

 One of the funny things about this hat (unintentionally) is that if a slighter taller person looks at the hat wearer, it can actually look like they have a penguin head. See, here's me and Ronnie demonstrating.

The white 'brim' of the hat has been double felted to make it stiffer, and it just feels like a floppy summer hat, albeit with a penguin on top. I like the brim.  Not sure how it will fare on the larger head of the intended hat receiver though.

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